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16th August 2017

A look at our new show home: inside Phase Two of Lynwood Village

With the second phase of Lynwood Village opening soon, we thought we’d show you some pictures of our new show home and share information about our new facilities. Your choice of layouts Phase two consists of two new apartment buildings and four new cottages.  All the cottages have been purchased but you can still choose…

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28th June 2017

The Lynwood Village concierge team spills the beans on village life

As you come into Cedar Lodge, the heart of Lynwood Village where our superb facilities are located, just inside the main entrance you’ll find our dedicated 24-hour Concierge team.  Day and night they are there to provide assistance to residents and visitors, answering all sorts of questions, taking bookings and payments for classes, events and…

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24th May 2017

Top Tips For Decluttering And Downsizing

Once you’ve made the big decision to liberate yourself from your family home and enjoy an easier lifestyle, you then have a million smaller decisions to make.  What are you going to take with you, what will you gift to others and what should you chuck, recycle or donate to charity?   It can feel…

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26th April 2017

Things to do, places to go: the key to improved wellbeing

A blog by Sue Simonds, Wellness Manager at Lynwood Village One of the wonderful things about Lynwood Village is that there is always someone to talk to. It’s one of the main reasons people choose to move here.  You’ll often bump in to someone in the coffee shop or on your way to the pool…

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15th March 2017

Why do people downsize? The government wants to know…

The government recently released its housing white paper setting out its ideas on how to fix the UK’s ‘broken’ housing market.  Alongside plans to encourage housebuilders to develop more sites faster and with a greater diversity of housing types, there will be guidance for local authorities on how to meet the housing needs of older…

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14th February 2017

Why it’s never too late to exercise

Head Physiotherapist at Lynwood Village Therapy Centre, Rosaria Toohey, explains why regular exercise is just as important, and potentially even more beneficial, when you’re over 65.  It’s easy to fall into the ‘it’s too late for me, there’s no point starting to exercise’ frame of mind when you reach a certain age.  It’s especially true…

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30th November 2016

Come to the Lynwood Village Christmas Fair!

We’re getting into the Christmas spirit here at Lynwood Village as we prepare for our second Christmas Fair. This Saturday, the 3rd of December, from 10.30am to 3pm in Cedar Lodge, the heart of the village, over 20 stall holders will be here offering a huge range of Christmas gifts that you won’t find on…

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8th November 2016

The Musical Life of Lynwood Village

Music isn’t merely the food of love, it’s the stuff of life and most people have a treasure trove of tunes, songs and artists woven into the fabric of their lives.  Music is an important part of life here at Lynwood too, and it brings a surprisingly wide range of benefits. Introducing the Lynwood Village…

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