It’s a family affair: why moving to Lynwood Village benefits the whole family.

It’s often the sons and daughters of Lynwood Village homeowners who first start the conversation about moving.  Mum or Dad might be unwilling to broach the subject of selling the family home, so their children float the idea because they know that their house just isn’t working for them anymore.  Maybe it’s too big to heat, clean and maintain, or the garden has become source of stress rather than pleasure, or perhaps the family is worried that their loved one spends too much time alone.  Health issues can also play a part; it can be really difficult to find the right support to enable them to continue living independently.  Whatever the reason, moving to a retirement village with a friendly community and inbuilt support can solve a multitude of problems. 

A home that’s easy to live in

Designed to make life easier for people in their later years, the homes at Lynwood Village include subtle features that help with daily life.  Ensuite wetroom-style walk-in shower rooms, plug sockets higher up the wall, wide doorways that can accommodate walking frames and wheelchairs, eye-level ovens with slide-away doors to minimise bending and superb insulation and energy efficient electric heating to keep the home toasty all year round.  Our homes are built and finished to a very high specification, so ‘maintenance’ tends to be about replacing the odd lightbulb (and we have people who can help with that) because taking care of the buildings is our job.  What this means is there’s no mental checklist of jobs that need doing, and when family come to visit there’s no list of things for them to do, just family time to enjoy.      

Beautifully finished and easy to live in, this image shows the 27ft master suite in a Lynwood Village duplex.

Beautiful gardens and woodland

Even the most green-fingered of people reach the point when their beloved garden becomes more stressful than pleasurable.  People who move to Lynwood often say that it’s a relief not to have to worry about maintaining their garden.  Fortunately, Lynwood is blessed with beautiful outside spaces, from our English Garden to the ancient woodland at the rear of the village, which has accessible paths winding through it, so you can enjoy time outdoors without having to do any of the work.  All the homes at Lynwood have private balconies (some also have roof terraces) that overlook the village to the front and the woodland and gardens to the rear, so you can grow things in pots if you choose.  In the summer months, some of the balconies look absolutely stunning with lush flowers and plants, others simply have a table and chairs for relaxing on!  It’s one less thing to worry about, both for the homeowner and their family.

The woodland at the rear of Lynwood Village is a beautiful spot for a stroll, or to sit and relax.


Worrying about loved ones being lonely and isolated is frequently the main concern for families who are often busy with work and looking after their own children.  Whether they live close by or far away, the feeling is the same: guilt at not having more time to spend with their loved ones.  This, too, is a problem solved by moving to Lynwood because one of the best things about our village is our friendly and supportive community.  Once they’ve settled in and found their feet, Lynwood owners easily make new friends and they can join in with the daily activities, exercise classes, swimming, coffee mornings, trips to the shops on our private minibus, days out to local places of interest, themed nights in the restaurant – it’s all on their doorstep, with no need to travel and there are plenty of like-minded people to spend time with.  There is always something to do, somewhere to be and someone to talk to.  As one owner put it ‘you never need to be bored or lonely living in a place like this!’.  No-one will harass you to join in, it’s all entirely voluntary, but we see people flourish with a new sense of purpose when they move to Lynwood.  Loneliness and isolation quickly become distant memories, as does the worry about ‘I wonder what Mum / Dad is doing today?’.

Get moving and keep fit!
Exercise classes run by Lynwood Village’s physio team help improve fitness, mobility and balance


Support that is easy to access is another source of peace of mind for Lynwood Village owners and their families. On a day-to day basis there are staff onsite 24-hours a day, so there is always someone around who can help when problems arise.  In an emergency, owners can use the pull-cords in their apartment, or the button on their pendant or bracelet, to alert the reception team that they need assistance.  It brings owners and their families peace of mind knowing that there are people around to help if needed. 

If more regular help is needed, our onsite Care and Support team can provide assistance to anyone who needs support to carry on living independently, whether that’s a short burst of care following an operation or a longer-term support package. We also have a full onsite physiotherapy practice where owners can access private physio for treating old injuries and post-operative rehabilitation, as well as participate in a full range of exercise classes designed to improve fitness, balance and mobility.  What matters is that, when support, physiotherapy or care is needed, owners and their families know who to call and the person helping will probably be someone they already know and trust, which makes a stressful situation immeasurably easier. 

If your loved one would enjoy a better quality of life at Lynwood Village, call us to arrange a viewing of available properties and to have a look round our lovely retirement village.  You’re welcome to come on your own first – lots of people do – before you bring Mum or Dad along too.  Call us on 01344 874250.