Lynwood Village owners say they wish they’d moved here sooner: here’s why…

If you’re thinking of moving to a retirement village, you probably have lots of questions. What’s it like to live in a retirement village?  Will I like it? Why do people move to retirement villages? Are they glad they made the move?  

We regularly ask Lynwood Village homeowners about their experience of living at Lynwood, including what their advice would be to someone considering moving here.  Every time we ask, the most common response to this question is: “Don’t wait. Do it now while you have the energy to make the move and really enjoy it.”  Almost everyone we ask says the same thing, along with “we waited too long” and “we wish we’d made the move sooner”.  Their only regret is not seizing the opportunity more quickly to enjoy a new, more sociable way of life with company and support close at hand whenever they need it. 

We recently asked four Lynwood Village homeowners about why they moved to Lynwood, what they think of it and what they would say to anyone thinking about moving.  Here’s what they had to say…

“Lynwood Village is the best thing since sliced bread!”

When my wife died, I started thinking about moving.  I was living in a large house with an equally large garden and I was becoming increasingly lonely.  My daughter lives in Ascot and I decided I wanted to be nearer to her.  I also wanted company, to be looked after in later life and to meet new people.  Happily, we found Lynwood Village online and contacted Gary in the sales office to come and have a look around. 

Lynwood has a ‘quality feel’ to it; there’s lots of space and the facilities are amazing.  We looked at various apartments and I chose mine because of its outlook and its size.  It’s spacious, has a good quality finish and the duplex layout offers flexible living.  Overall, it was a good fit for my needs and wants.

I like living in a retirement village because it’s given me the opportunity to join a community and it’s a fantastic way to meet new people.  I feel proud to say I live at Lynwood, I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread!  I would say to anyone thinking of moving here to do it now, before it’s too late, especially if you live alone.  If you are a couple, don’t leave it until you are on your own – move now!

“I enjoy village life because it’s very sociable.”

“I enjoy village life because it’s very sociable… even just walking around the village, people stop and talk to you!”

A couple of years ago I began to find maintaining my house and looking after my garden was becoming too much of a challenge and decided it was time to move.  As well as thinking about moving somewhere I wouldn’t have to worry about maintenance, I also wanted more contact with other people.  I knew Lynwood Village because my mother had been in the care home, so I actually saw the village being built!

I like the fact that everything is on site so you can easily walk and see someone in the village.  I chose my apartment because of the view, it has a lovely outlook.  I enjoy village life because it’s very sociable, there are always people around you.  Even just walking through the village people stop and talk to you.   If someone was thinking about moving to Lynwood, I would encourage them to do it now; it’s a great way to make new friends so make the move now so you can enjoy the full experience!

“We enjoy not having to cook anymore and it’s great to be able to attend social functions without having to travel!”

When my wife’s mobility began to decline we started thinking about moving because our house was becoming too big to manage and also had a large garden.  Our family agreed that it would be good for us to move somewhere better suited to our needs, so we started looking.  As longstanding supporters of Ben, we knew about Lynwood Village and having help on hand if we needed it was a key part of our decision to move here.  My wife suffered some health problems earlier this year and we are so glad we are here where we have friends and support close by. 

We chose our apartment because it is spacious and, because it’s on the ground floor, we also have a small garden.  The village is very sociable and welcoming, the staff are also very pleasant.  With the restaurant on site we enjoy not needing to cook anymore and it’s great to be able to attend social functions without having to travel.  We waited too long to move, so my advice to anyone thinking of moving to Lynwood would be to downsize and move in now: do it while you can still enjoy it. 

“We decided a retirement village would be a good place to go because of the companionship.”

“The people here are lovely, everyone is so nice and my health has improved since moving here.”

It was about three years ago when we decided the time had come for us to move.  We’d lived in our house for 51 years and it was lovely, but both the house and garden had become far too big for us.  We never saw anyone and we had started to feel rather lonely.  We decided a retirement village would be a good place to go because of the companionship; we would never have to be alone and if anything happened to one of us the other one would have company and support.  We looked around and chose Lynwood because we have our own front door, there are lots of activities, it’s very clean and tidy and the people are so friendly.

Our ground floor apartment is lovely and spacious with a small south-facing garden.  The rooms are all good sizes and we have beautiful views.  The people here are lovely, everyone is so nice and my health has improved since moving here.  It’s a wonderful place to live and I would highly recommend it.  If you are thinking of moving to Lynwood my advice would be to come! Go for it and don’t leave it too late – make the move now.”

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