Getting involved and keeping busy is easy at Lynwood Village

Monday morning you’ve got Aqua Circuits in the pool, and there’s a shopping trip to Windsor in the afternoon (everyone will gather in reception and hop on the minibus). Tuesday it’s choir, Mah-Jong and then either a film afternoon or pop to Waitrose on the minibus; you should make it back for Pilates at 4pm. Wednesday is all about fitness with a balance class and yoga followed by a social in the coffee shop, and then Thursday there’s a morning concert in Guildford and art group back at the village in the afternoon, followed by bingo. Things don’t exactly slow down on Friday with a trip to the RHS gardens at Wisley and then, if you feel like it, a guided gym session at the village.  Saturday you’re off out to a fayre and there’s a race night in the restaurant with a meal and then Sunday it’s a bit quieter but the Owners’ Association social is that evening and there’s always someone’s birthday or anniversary to celebrate so you’re unlikely to have nothing to do… 

The Handy Room is our dedicated arts and crafts space which owners can use whenever they like. Classes are very popular!
Exercise classes in the Therapy Centre improve balance, mobility and fitness.

It’s up to you how much you do when you live at Lynwood Village, but you can pack your days as full as you like.  There are exercise classes in the gym, therapy centre and pool to keep you fit, new hobbies and past times to take up such photography and arts and crafts.  You can take part in bowls, croquet, Knit and Natter, games clubs, bridge, cards.  Our private minibus is put to good use running trips to shops and local places of interest and you’ll always have company en route. 

The snooker room is a popular spot. We also have a darts board in the bar.

If getting involved is your thing you can join the Lynwood Village Owners’ Association, which works with the village management to shape how the village is run and organises regular socials and themed evenings in the restaurant.  Or you can join the Gardening Club and keep your hand in by helping maintain the grounds and gardens.   

The gardens at Lynwood Village include spaces where owners can exercise their green fingers

Quite apart from all the organised activities (listed on the schedule which will drop through your door every week), the vibrant, friendly community at Lynwood means you’re only alone when you choose to be.  You’ll bump into someone on your way to the pool or when you head down to reception to book your next trip and end up having a chat, and if you pop downstairs for a coffee in Prescott’s, you’re unlikely to sit alone for long. Even if the weather outside is vile, life at the village is warm and welcoming and everything is accessible under cover, so you won’t get soaked on the way to your art class. 

Making new friends and keeping busy is easy at Lynwood Village

If you’re not sure how to join in or how to book your place, staff are on hand every day to help you navigate village life, so you can enrich your time in a way that suits you.  We often see people blossom when they move to Lynwood Village, making new friends, enjoying being busy, improving their physical health with exercise and therapy classes.  Even people who categorise themselves as ‘quiet’ often end up happily busier and more sociable than they’ve been in years.  So, if you’re looking for a new phase of life and want to make the most of your independence, come and see Lynwood Village for yourself.

Call 01344 949388 to find out more about available properties and to book your tour.