When mum moved to Lynwood: what owners’ families think of Lynwood Village life

The reasons for moving to a retirement village vary.  Some families worry about their loved one living alone.  Are they lonely? Who have they seen today? What if something happens? Who are they going to call?  How quickly can we get there?  Sometimes the idea of moving to Lynwood Village is prompted by something specific: the loss of a parent, the realisation that mum or dad’s home just isn’t working for them anymore, or simply their desire to be closer to family.  If one parent has health problems, daily life can be challenging and they may need additional support, particularly if their partner has become their carer; moving to a retirement village with in-built care options makes life easier for everyone. 

Whatever the reason for considering a move, it seems to make sense to live somewhere with an in-built social life and people around to provide support if needed.  It takes the pressure off families who are busy with work and raising children to know that mum and / or dad is safe, with easy access to company, support and things to do – all while retaining their cherished independence in a beautifully designed home that is easy to live in and maintain. 

Master Bedroom

A family decision

Whoever suggests it, the decision to move is often taken as a family.  People may choose to look around the village on their own at first, but they almost always bring family members for a second viewing before choosing their new home.  It’s a good idea to get a second opinion, to have a supportive sounding board and to discuss everyone’s feelings about the move.  It creates an opportunity to ask questions, to see what village life could be like and whether it would suit mum, dad or whoever is thinking about the move. 

Letting go of the family home, with all of its associated memories, can be challenging but when people see the practical advantages of a home designed for later life, and the joy of living in a sociable, supportive community, the doubts disappear.  When visiting Lynwood Village, families see the facilities, the activities and excursions, the restaurant and coffee shop where people meet for lunch and a chat, the physiotherapy practice with its exercise classes designed to boost fitness and wellbeing. There are beautiful outside spaces, gardens, outdoor bowls and croquet and accessible paths that wind through ancient woodland. It’s all on the doorstep.  No need to travel, no worries about the weather and there are always people around to talk to.  With so much on their doorstep they can give up the car when the time comes because our private minibus runs regular trips out to shops and places of interest.  And, if mum or dad needs an operation, they can easily put in place a care package while they rehabilitate.  If we ever had to go into lockdown again, they’d be well looked after and far less isolated than if they stayed in their current home.

Karen’s Story

When Karen lost her dad, two years ago, her mum stayed living in the family home, but after a while she wanted to move to be closer to her family.  Karen visited Lynwood Village and immediately knew her mum would love it. 

“It was very important that she kept her independence, so it’s nice for her to have her flat but with all the facilities on site,” explained Karen. “I think we definitely made the right decision.  There were a few challenges moving from a larger house to a smaller property but now she’s so happy there.  There is a sense of reassurance.  The staff there are so lovely and it’s nice to know that there are call buttons and that she can get help If anything happens.  I think she may have been a bit lonely before but now she gets out and about more, on the minibus to Waitrose or to Windsor, and she has made some really lovely friends.  She’s really enjoying it and it has made a huge difference to her life.”

Watch our interview with Karen to find out more about what happened when her mum moved to Lynwood Village.

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