The benefits of spending time outdoors are many and varied, ranging from lifting the mood and reducing stress to improving your vitamin D levels. When you live at Lynwood Village there are plenty of different places to enjoy some time outside. This is our top five.


1. The Woodland Path

Meander through ancient woodland, spotting birds, squirrels and rabbits among the trees and flowers. The level paths are designed to make the woodland accessible to all and you can join a walking group if you’d like some company. The best thing is it’s right on your doorstep, you don’t need to go anywhere to get your nature fix, just step
out of your front door.


2. The English Garden

This is the garden you always wanted to have but never quite managed to achieve.  Formal planting inspired by classical parterres includes climbing roses, privet, echinacea, geraniums for ground cover, lychnis, Red Star of Malta, helenium (a perennial sunflower), German irises, Rudbeckia, Saldia (an ornamental sage) lavender and honeysuckle. It’s a truly beautiful spot, especially in summer.

3. Bowling Green

Friendly or competitive, bowls is a sociable sport that many Lynwood owners enjoy, looking very smart in their whites on competition days! You can watch from the sidelines or, if you have one of the overlooking apartments, you can shout helpful tips from above…

4. Croquet Lawn

In the shadow of ancient cedar trees, the croquet lawn is the location for some gentle putting and the occasional fierce battle when the competitive spirits flows. It’s also right next to Prescott’s, Lynwood Village’s bar, restaurant and coffee shop, so when refreshments are required they are but a few short steps away.

Mulberry Show apartment balcony

5. Your own private balcony (or garden, or roof terrace)

Every property at Lynwood Village has its own private balcony (some apartments have two), garden or roof terrace so your favourite outside spot in the village may be the one you have at home.  So if you feel like some time to yourself you can still enjoy fresh air without having to go out.

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