“We knew moving to Lynwood would give us a better quality of life.” Why living in a retirement village can improve your wellbeing

Lynwood Village owners often report a marked improvement in their overall health and wellbeing when they move here.  Increased social contact, knowing support is available if they need it and an environment designed to make life easier are all factors for improved mental wellbeing.  Easy access to exercise classes and leisure facilities, plus an onsite physiotherapy practice, help owners improve their physical wellness.  Talking to the people who live here, there are clear reasons why they feel better living at Lynwood. 

“I’ve met more people in six months living at Lynwood than in 20 years where I used to live. Mr C, Lynwood Village Owner

Loneliness can affect anyone.  Even people with loving families and strong social networks can find themselves spending too much time alone and if you’re single it can be hard work sustaining a social life.  At Lynwood there are plenty of social opportunities enabling people to make friends quickly. 

“The people here are so friendly and there’s so much to do!” Mr and Mrs G, Lynwood Village Owners. 

Having time to indulge your own pursuits is a welcome retirement luxury but with all that free time, it’s important to keep occupied.  Easy access to a wide range of suitable activities and excursions, as well as having excellent onsite facilities, make days here pleasurably busy.  Simply being more active makes people feel better.

“I love the pool and sometimes go to exercise classes too.” Mrs V, Lynwood Village Owner

It’s easy to fall out of the habit of exercising.  We’re very fortunate at Lynwood to have a team of physiotherapists who, as well as providing private treatment, run specially-designed exercise classes for owners who often see huge improvements in mobility, balance and confidence.  

“We now enjoy the smell of cut grass from our balcony – no garden for us to worry about!” Mr and Mrs G

Making life easier and less stressful has an enormous impact on wellbeing.  Having someone else take care of the buildings and garden maintenance, and being in an environment purposefully designed to work for anyone at any age, brings peace of mind to owners and their families. 

“We moved here for the support, but you can move here and be independent.” Mrs V

Whether it’s you or your partner whose needs change, knowing you can put support in place quickly, with no need to move, is very reassuring.  Lynwood Village has a care centre on site so if one half of a couple needs full time care, their partner is still nearby, which makes a stressful situation a little easier.

Come and see Lynwood Village life for yourself.  We’d be delighted to show you around!