Why retirement villages improve wellbeing

Retirement villages are still a relatively new concept in the UK. We haven’t grasped the ‘senior living’ nettle as firmly as countries like the US and Australia so they are, to some, mysterious uncharted territory. With new villages springing up all over the place they will soon be commonplace but if you’re not familiar with retirement villages, you may question their appeal. Here at Lynwood Village we know for a fact that residents usually enjoy marked improvements in health and wellbeing when they move here. But why?

Easy social contact
Loneliness can affect anyone. Even people with loving families and strong social networks can find themselves spending too much time alone and if you’re single it can be really hard work sustaining a social life. Good retirement villages create plenty of opportunities for social contact enabling residents to make friends quickly. When it’s easy to spend time with others the feelings of isolation quickly become a distant memory.

A busy lifestyle
After the demands of work and / or raising a family, having time to indulge your own pursuits is a welcome luxury. However, with all that time to fill, it’s important to keep occupied. Activities play a large part in improving wellbeing and a successful retirement village will offer a wide range of suitable activities and excursions as well as having onsite facilities to make your days pleasurably busy. Simply being more active makes people feel better.

Improved physical fitness
It’s easy to fall out of the habit of exercising when it becomes a challenge, but living in a retirement village often provides easy access to classes and activities that will improve fitness. We’re very fortunate at Lynwood to have a team of physiotherapist and specialist personal trainers onsite working with residents who often see huge improvements in mobility, flexibility and confidence.

The right environment
Having someone else take care of the maintenance of buildings and gardens is an enormous relief for many residents. A less obvious but perhaps even more important benefit is being in an environment you can navigate easily when you reach your later years, with no tricky stairs or steep slopes. Knowing you’re in an environment that will work for you at any age brings peace of mind to residents and their families.

Access to care and support
Another way to enjoy peace of mind, which is crucial to wellbeing, is having access to a range of support that can be put in place as needs evolve. Whether it’s you or your partner whose needs change, knowing you can put support in place quickly, with no need to move, is very reassuring. Lynwood Village, like some other retirement villages, has a care centre on site so if one half of a couple needs full time care, their partner is still nearby, which takes a lot of the stress out of the situation.

It’s worth a closer look
Those who do take the plunge almost invariably tell us they wish they’d moved sooner, and that the lifestyle and camaraderie within a good retirement village has enhanced their quality of life immeasurably. So, put aside your preconceptions and take a look – you might be pleasantly surprised.

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