Among the many benefits of living in a good retirement village – easy company, a well-designed environment, facilities on your doorstep and straightforward access to care and support – the ability to ‘lock up and leave’ is another significant plus.

The retirement travel dream

Dreams of retirement often feature travel.  Whether you’re a fan of long cruises, have family living abroad, a second home, or you want to tick off various exotic locations from your wish list, being able to head off for several weeks, or even months, at a time is surely one of the most eagerly anticipated bonuses of life post-work.  When you’re retired, visiting family overseas no longer has to be a snatched week here and there, you can stay long enough to properly adjust to the time zone and really enjoy your trip. It makes long-haul travel much easier if you’re not turning around to come home again after only a week or two and going straight back to work.

The retirement travel reality

In reality, once the euphoria has worn off, the prospect of going away for a few months comes loaded with worries.  Will people (for which read ‘burglars’) notice your permanently drawn curtains or the fact that your carefully programmed lights come on at exactly the same time every night?  How will you deal with waist-high grass on your return and will an overgrown garden make it obvious that you’re not there? Or will you have to pay for a gardener to keep things neat while you’re away? Also, can you really ask your neighbour to keep popping in to keep the mountain of post from blocking your front door?  And if it’s winter, you have all the worries of burst pipes to consider.

The retirement village solution

This is where retirement villages with 24-hour concierge services and CCTV have the edge on the traditional retirement destination of a cottage in the country.  If you live at somewhere like Lynwood, you’ll already be free from the burden of building and gardening maintenance because we take care of all that for you. Our apartments are incredibly well insulated with low-energy electric heating so the risk of frozen pipes is negligible and residents can ask for checks on their property while they are away for complete peace of mind.

So, if wanderlust is kicking in and you don’t want your retirement dreams hampered by security and maintenance concerns, maybe a retirement village should be on your list of places to visit first?


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