It’s easy to find company and things to do (when you’re in the mood): one of the many benefits of Lynwood Village life

We know from experience that retirement villages are an extremely effective solution to the problem of a dwindling social life and loneliness.  Having a choice of things to do, places to go and people to see, all easily accessed from your doorstep with no need to travel, means no matter what the season you can find company, somewhere to be and something to do.  Many of the residents at Lynwood Village find themselves happily busier than they’ve been in years and friendships flourish with this new sense of purpose.

If you live alone it can be exhausting having to make formal arrangements and to travel just to enjoy some company.  It’s so much easier when you live in the midst of a vibrant community of like-minded people where there’s always something going on.  From themed evenings in the restaurant, to regular social gatherings, exercise classes (designed and run by our physiotherapy team), trips out and organised activities within the village – you can be as busy as you choose and, as one residents put it, ‘You don’t need to be bored or lonely in a place like this!’.  

A life of choices

Those who are less keen on being busy and throwing themselves into the social scene at Lynwood Village can pick and choose how and when they enjoy company.  No-one is cajoled or made to participate, it’s entirely your choice.  You’ll often see people having a coffee while reading their newspaper in the coffee shop; they might choose to sit alone but they will have enjoyed several ‘good morning, how are you?’ conversations en route to their table.  Sometimes just that acknowledgement, and knowing that there are people around if you need them, is enough to tip the balance from ‘lonely’ to ‘happily alone’. 

Good retirement villages are designed to make life easier for people in their later years by providing the right environment, the right support and easy ways to improve physical and mental wellbeing.   They also help people overcome loneliness by offering different options for social contact that you can dip into according to your needs.  Retirement villages like Lynwood Village offer a new beginning in a friendly community, where company and support are on-hand when you need them.  So, if you or someone you know would enjoy a reinvigorated social life (when they feel like it!) a visit to Lynwood Village should be top of your list.