“We moved here for the support but you can also move here and be independent.” – Mrs V, Lynwood Village Owner

“We used to live in Ascot so we already knew the area and we were familiar with the old Lynwood care home, which had a good reputation. Friends of ours had moved into a cottage at Lynwood Village and they were very happy, so when my husband developed Alzheimer’s and we needed to live somewhere with more support we thought of Lynwood.

“We moved to Lynwood Village in the November but by February my husband needed so much support that he had to move into the care centre.  He’s settled and very well looked after there and I can just walk over and see him whenever I like, I don’t have to travel, which makes things a little easier.  When we first moved here I was busy looking after my husband but now he’s in the care centre I have a lot more free time and can get involved in things.

“We celebrated our 60th wedding anniversary here and had a party in the Berkshire Suite, which was lovely and the staff helped us organise everything.  My husband came along and it was great to see all our family and friends.

“I love my apartment!  It was ideal for my husband to get around in his wheelchair and it’s ideal for me now as I have space for family to stay, which they often do.  We moved here for the support but you can also move here and be independent, as I am.  Everyone is very friendly and helpful but there’s no pressure, you can join in as much or as little as you like.  There’s always plenty on and a social every other Sunday.  I still drive but I also use the minibus shuttle, it’s a good way to meet new people and it’s useful.  I love the pool and I sometimes go to the exercise classes too.  I think I would say to anyone thinking of moving here to choose an apartment that really suits them – consider it carefully including where it is within the village.”



Please note:  We would like to thank all the Lynwood Village owners who have shared their stories.  We are not using these owners’ real names or pictures (this image is of a model) in order to preserve their privacy, but these stories are taken from genuine interviews conducted with Lynwood Village owners in September 2019. 

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