“We knew that moving to Lynwood would give us a better quality of life.”

– Mr and Mrs T, Lynwood Village Owners

“It was about three years ago when we started thinking about moving.  We had a four bedroom detached house with two garages and a big garden that was becoming too much for us to manage.  We had one or two health issues and it just got us thinking that if we were going to make the move we should do it while we could still enjoy a new phase of life.

“We lived locally so we already knew about Lynwood.  We’d seen adverts in the newspaper and had a friend in the care centre so we decided to come and see it for ourselves.  We were looking for security, a welcoming community and support as we got older and that’s exactly what we found here.  We felt comfortable as soon as we walked in and knew that living here would offer us a better quality of life.

“We chose a large property; it’s really spacious and we overlook the village to the front so we see plenty of life going on out there! I like the feeling of security living here and I say to my friends it’s a bit like living at a hotel.  We do a lot more since we moved here but you can do as much or as little as you like – there’s no pressure.

“If you’re thinking about moving here, I would say be strict about what you bring with you and don’t bring too much ‘stuff’!”



Please note:  We would like to thank all the Lynwood Village owners who have shared their stories.  We are not using these owners’ real names or pictures (this image is of models) in order to preserve their privacy, but these stories are taken from genuine interviews conducted with Lynwood Village owners in September 2019. 

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