“I’ve met more people in six months living at Lynwood than in 20 years where I used to live!”

– Mr C, Lynwood Village Owner

I started thinking about moving when I became unwell after I retired and I knew that I would need to live somewhere with support.  I also wanted modern accommodation, somewhere with no worries about gardening or maintenance, ideally in a community where everything I would need was on my doorstep.

I found Lynwood Village via a Google search.  It sounded right and it’s close to my son so I decided it was worth a look.  When I first came here I liked the setting of the village with its woodland aspect and I thought it had a good community feeling.  I was moving from a town house with three floors and when I was looking at the properties in the village I decided I wanted somewhere with an upstairs so I could carry on going ‘upstairs to bed’.  The duplex apartments here have a wonderful suite upstairs, it’s a very large double aspect room with an ensuite shower room, plenty of storage and a balcony so it suits me very well.

I like living in a retirement village because it’s easy to meet people.  I’ve met more people in six months living at Lynwood than in 20 years where I used to live! There are so many facilities at hand it’s an easy place to live.

If you’re thinking about moving to a retirement village my advice would be to look closely at the accommodation sizes before you make your decision.  I would recommend Lynwood Village, it’s the best of what we saw.  There’s always a lot going on and frequent trips out to the shops on the minibus.  We have a strong community here and we all want the village to do well.



Please note:  We would like to thank all the Lynwood Village owners who have shared their stories.  We are not using these owners’ real names or pictures (this image is of a model) in order to preserve their privacy, but these stories are taken from genuine interviews conducted with Lynwood Village owners in September 2019. 

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