‘Enjoy easy living in a Lynwood Village duplex apartment’: but what does ‘easy living’ mean?

When we talk about Lynwood Village life we often mention ‘easy living’ apartments and ‘living made easy’.  But what does ‘easy living’ mean?  Let us explain!  

Homes designed with the future in mind

Lynwood Village homes have a host of features to make life easier for people aged 65 and over.  Power sockets are higher up the wall so they’re easy to reach.  The eye-level oven has a slide-away door so there’s no need to bend. Lynwood homes are extremely well-insulated and have energy efficient electric heating, so there’s no boiler or pipes to worry about and it’s easy to get your home toasty warm at the touch of a button.  Wide doorways are accessible for wheelchairs or walking frames, as are the spacious and accessible ensuite shower rooms (there are no baths in the apartments, although there are assisted bathing facilities you can use).  We have our own onsite housekeeping team so you can use our own trained and fully insured cleaners if you require, no need to find someone from outside the village.  All of this adds up to a home that is easy to live in and easy to look after.

We look after the gardening

Gardens are a joy, but they are hard work to maintain and people often reach a point where the worry outweighs the pleasure.  At Lynwood Village the woodland paths, formal English Garden and extensive grounds are looked after by us, so you get all the pleasure of beautiful outside spaces with none of the work!  

A mobility-friendly environment

All thresholds throughout the village are level, including the one at your home’s front door, and there is lift access to all floors.  What this means is that everywhere within the village is easy to access for people in wheelchairs or mobility scooters or using walking frames.   

Everything you need on your doorstep

With a restaurant, bar and coffee shop, swimming pool, physiotherapy practice, hair and beauty salon, arts and crafts room, shop, bowling green, croquet lawn and library, plus a daily choice of activities and events, everything you need is within easy reach.  And if you want to get out and about, simply hop on our private minibus, which runs regular trips to local shops and places of interest. 

Optional, flexible support if you need it

If you need a little help to carry on living independently, it’s easy to put support in place.  The Lynwood Village Home Care team can put in place a flexible package of support that you can increase or decrease to suit your needs.  There is a 24-hour staff presence at the village and owners can choose to wear a pendant or bracelet or activate the pull-cords in their apartments if they need emergency support.  All that plus night security staff and CCTV means there is always someone around if you need help.   

All of these things and more make the easy life at Lynwood Village, plus you’ll be part of a vibrant, friendly community where it’s easy to make friends and find things to do if you choose.