In the third of our ‘Introducing’ series, we meet Angi Knight, Director of Care for BEN and Lynwood Village, as she explains how Lynwood Village and Care Centre will work together, the advantages of making early decisions about where to live in later life and why living in a retirement village means people stay in their own homes for longer.

As Director of Care for all five of BEN’s UK care centres, Angi has overall responsibility for all elements of the charity’s residential and day care facilities, from ensuring our care centres are providing the right services today and in the future, to compliance with regulations and legislation.

At the start of her career Angi trained as a mental health nurse and spent 14 years working in the NHS, rapidly ascending to senior management roles. She then went on to director level roles in the private sector care industry and gained an MBA from Henley Business School.

“I undertook some work for BEN in the summer, helping prepare the Care Quality Commission registration for the new Lynwood care centre and Home Care service,” explains Angi. “I found Lynwood to be a very happy home for the residents. The level of care is fantastic and the staff are also very content, so it was an appealing prospect. They were looking for a Director of Care and, even though I was not looking to change jobs at the time, it seemed like a wonderful opportunity, so here I am!”

Seamlessly integrated care

The new Lynwood Care Centre will be on the same site as Lynwood Village. This co-location will have many advantages.

“I see the care centre and the village working together as one,” Angi explains. “For example, if you are visiting someone in the care centre, you can to take them for a coffee or have lunch in the village restaurant without having to travel anywhere. This makes visiting a far nicer experience than being cooped up in someone’s room with nowhere to go. For village residents, knowing that high quality care is literally on their doorstep will provide genuine peace of mind to them and their families.”

Lynwood Care Centre will provide specialist dementia care, nursing care, rehabilitation and respite, day care and care for younger physically disabled people . A multidisciplinary team of nurses, physiotherapists, speech and language therapists and occupational therapists will provide care that is tailored to each resident’s exact needs.

Care centre residents will be able to use the village facilities, such as the hydrotherapy pool, which will be particularly useful for people needing physical rehabilitation. Similarly, village residents can join in with activities in the care centre and use the day care centre.

“Living in a retirement village means you’ll be able to stay in your own home longer”

Many people leave it too late to make decisions on their own terms about where to live in their later years. By thinking ahead about care and support needs, people could avoid being thrown into a snap decision.

“Older people often worry about their future but leave it too late to make an informed decision at a leisurely pace,” said Angi. “Then, when a crisis occurs, such as an operation or illness, people suddenly find their house isn’t suitable or that they need support, and then they are thrown into a decision-making process that can be very stressful and chaotic. Living somewhere like Lynwood, you can be entirely independent in your own home, but if there comes a time when support is required, it’s simply a phone call away.

“If you live in a retirement village, with the right support in place, you’ll be able to stay in your own home longer and you are less likely to end up in hospital. And, perhaps most importantly, if you do need care, if you have a care centre on the same site, it makes for an easy transition at a difficult time.”

If you are thinking about where to live in your later years or are looking for superb quality residential care, come and see us at Lynwood Village and Care Centre. Call us on 01344 874250 or click here to book a visit.

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