It’s been a few months since the first residents moved into Lynwood Village so we caught up with a few of our ‘pioneers’ to find out how they
are settling in.

Our first resident

The first resident in Cedar Lodge, Lynwood Village moved into a two-bedroom apartment in May 2015. Buying off-plan enabled him to request
several important changes to the fixtures and fittings. He was very pleased with the finished product and hoped that this apartment would be his final home.

“I have had to make a home on three continents over the last 50 years; my new apartment is my 10th home. Despite the many relocations I still ended up with
a large amount of possessions. To make the traumatic downsizing process easier, I decided to salvage very little and equip the new apartment with new furnishings.

“Although I have been living on my own over the past 16 years and am self reliant, the lifestyle in Lynwood Village suits me very well. The facilities are
excellent and my many visitors have been very impressed. The weekly activity schedule is very useful and informative and one does not feel pressured into
participating in any particular event or programme. I enjoy the gym and support the Village Shop and Bistro. I also make use of the mini-bus service to Camberley
and Windsor and look forward to future journeys to other destinations.”


Sophia looked at other retirement villages before choosing to move to Lynwood.

“I did look at another one where you had to go outside to reach the main facilities,” she said. “So if it was cold or raining you wouldn’t want to go out.
Here you can reach everything undercover and it’s all on your doorstep which is better; it makes life much easier.”

Recently widowed after 60 years of marriage, Sophia had planned to move to Lynwood with her husband who very sadly passed away before they could move in.
Sophia bravely decided to come alone and moved into a one bedroom apartment.

“Our house was too big, the garden was too much and we wanted to be closer to family. I think I’d say to anyone considering moving here “just do it” –
it’s really very nice and you have other people around to talk to.”


Although Mike only moved in a short while ago, he’s already seeing more of his grandchildren than he ever did before and they often visit him here at the

“Once I’m sorted, life here will be a doddle,” said Mike, who moved here from Kent to be closer to his family. “The best thing is the company, it can get
terribly lonely living on your own especially at weekends. Here I can just sit and chat to people. I had a big house and garden, which were too much to manage
after my wife died four years ago. My family found Lynwood Village and helped me to move and they’re helping me get settled now I’m here.

“Having everything onsite is great and the standard of accommodation is very high. I love the fact that I can lock my front door, go out and not worry about
anything. Once I’m sorted I’m going to see the personal trainer, I regularly use the pool and Jacuzzi, which are wonderful. I’ve got everything I want on my

If you would like to live at Lynwood Village and enjoy easy company with support at hand, call us on 01344 874250 or email

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