“If you want to be alone, you can. If you want to make friends, you can!”

I first came to Lynwood when I went for respite at the care centre following a mini stroke a couple of years ago.  A little while later I made my mind up to move here.  I knew Lynwood before, when the big house was still on this site, and it’s near my doctor’s so I was already familiar with it and know the area well.  The house I was living in before I moved was a large five bedroom property with half an acre of land so it was a big downsize and a significant move for me.

Because of my health I wanted a greater sense of security and I was missing my friends.  Looking to the future I wanted to take the load off my family, so the move to Lynwood made sense on many fronts.  I chose a ground floor property because I’m not keen on stairs. My family liked the apartment I chose, it’s sunny and I love the aspect over the woodland and my outside space.

I enjoy life at our retirement village, there’s always plenty to do and I am making good friends.  If you want to be alone, you can and if you want to make friends, you can – it’s really up to you.  The facilities are excellent.  I use the gym for exercise, the shuttle to Waitrose is very useful and there’s a good community here. I can’t think of a downside and I would highly recommend living here.



Please note:  We would like to thank all the Lynwood Village owners who have shared their stories.  We are not using these owners’ real names or pictures (this image is of a model) in order to preserve their privacy, but these stories are taken from genuine interviews conducted with Lynwood Village owners in September 2019. 

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