‘Keep fit’ is on most people’s list of things to do and with a fully equipped, air conditioned fitness suite on your doorstep, it couldn’t be easier. Our friendly personal trainers will show you how to use the equipment safely and, if you like, put together a personalised training programme and set some fitness goals. Even if you are not a natural athlete, improving physical fitness, muscle tone and balance means you can continue to perform everyday tasks easily and comfortably.

You’d be amazed what a difference a few sessions in the gym with a trainer can make.  Read our blog to find out how our personal trainer can help you improve your fitness and wellbeing.

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Physiotherapy & Hydrotherapy

Our friendly team of eight physiotherapists and assistants includes specialists in orthopaedic, musculoskeletal and neurological physiotherapy, sports injuries, laser therapy, aquatic therapy (also known as hydrotherapy) and acupuncture.

Working in our fully equipped therapy centre, the physio team helps to treat a broad range of conditions from minor injuries and strains to right through to post-operative or stroke rehabilitation. In addition to the treatment of pre-existing conditions the team works on improving physical condition and balance to help prevent injuries and falls, including our very popular balance classes in our hydrotherapy pool.

To enquire about the Physiotherapy, please contact us on 01344 298170 or

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Why exercise is even more important for the over 70s

Just because you’ve made it to three score years and ten (or more) doesn’t mean you can hang up your trainers and put your feet up, in fact the opposite may be true.  Research by Public Health England found that exercises that strengthen bones and muscles have great health benefits for all adults, including people aged over 65.

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Things To Do & Places To Go

You’ll often bump in to someone in the coffee shop or on your way to the pool and it’s easy to meet people and make new friends. In addition to those spontaneous meetings we organise a wide range of activities, events and excursions. Having somewhere to be and something to do can have a transformative effect and we often see huge improvements in our residents’ mood and wellbeing when they move here. There are different activities scheduled throughout each day, so residents always have a choice of things to do.

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Fit for Life:
Introducing personal training at Lynwood Village

Your first thoughts on hearing the words ‘personal trainer’ might be of muscle-bound gym addicts shouting at their clients to ‘give them ten more’ as they sweat into an exercise mat. While that might be the case in Hollywood movies, the reality is that, for over 65s, personal training is not about aiming for a triathlon but attaining a level of physical fitness that enables you to enjoy daily life.

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The Living Room Workout

Maintaining a good level of fitness in later life doesn’t have to mean donning your lycra and working up a sweat in the gym.  There’s a lot you can do from the the comfort of your own home to sustain your functional fitness, which can help you carry out daily tasks easily and without pain. These simple exercises, designed by Lynwood Village’s Head of Physiotherapy, Rosaria Toohey, will help raise your heart rate, which improves fitness, and keep joints ‘oiled’ and pain free.

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