Daily Activities

We provide a wide range of activities every day from casual social get-togethers to visiting choirs, bands and speakers, film clubs, discussion groups, opportunities to learn new skills and play games such as Rummikub, bowls, croquet, snooker and giant chess.

As well as our regular activities schedule and local trips to shops, supermarkets and garden centres, we have a busy programme of theatre trips, musical events and entertainment both here at the village and at theatres and venues around the region. We provide transport to and from all our destinations and staff are available to help anyone who needs support, which means everyone can enjoy trips out and about.

To enquire about the Activities & Events, please contact us on 01344 298170 or

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Why exercise is even more important for the over 70s

Just because you’ve made it to three score years and ten (or more) doesn’t mean you can hang up your trainers and put your feet up, in fact the opposite may be true.  Research by Public Health England found that exercises that strengthen bones and muscles have great health benefits for all adults, including people aged over 65.

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Things To Do & Places To Go

You’ll often bump in to someone in the coffee shop or on your way to the pool and it’s easy to meet people and make new friends. In addition to those spontaneous meetings we organise a wide range of activities, events and excursions. Having somewhere to be and something to do can have a transformative effect and we often see huge improvements in our residents’ mood and wellbeing when they move here. There are different activities scheduled throughout each day, so residents always have a choice of things to do.

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