The cottages and apartments in Lynwood Village are designed to enable independent living for as long as possible. But what does that actually mean? In this blog we take a closer look at the carefully considered design features that are subtly integrated into our homes to make life a little easier and give peace of mind to you and your family

  1. High-level power sockets

Reaching down to almost floor level to plug in and unplug appliances can be a challenge when you’re not as flexible as you used to be, so we’ve positioned them higher up the wall, minimising the bending required to reach them.

  1. Low-temperature radiators

High efficiency, low-temperature radiators keep your home cosy while using water at a lower temperature so won’t burn yourself if you fall against it and are unable to move.

  1. Easy-reach switches

If you suffer from arthritis you’ll know that it can be tricky to flick the right power switch when they’re so close together. Our power sockets have a switch at either end of the panel, rather than being positioned together in the centre, so it’s easy to hit the right one.

  1. Jack and Jill doors to the bathroom

Being able to access the bathroom from both the hall and the bedroom means not only is it easier to reach the bathroom in the night but if you fall against one door someone can access the room through the other.

  1. Wet rooms

Slips, trips and falls are the number one cause of injury in the home and getting in and out of the bath can become a genuine hazard. All the homes in Lynwood Village have spacious wet rooms with showers, so you can easily install handrails and there is plenty of room for a shower seat, should you ever need one.

  1. Easy to use controls

Our fully fitted kitchens feature high-quality, built in halogen hobs. Many hobs these days have touch pad controls but we thought they seemed difficult to use so those in Lynwood’s apartments and cottages have three-dimensional knobs that are easy to grasp and control.

  1. Eye-level ovens with slide-away doors

With a built-in oven at eye-level you won’t have to kneel on the floor to put things in or take things out when you’re cooking and the oven door slides away into a recess (as seen in the Great British Bake Off!) which means you won’t risk burning yourself stretching in to reach what’s in the oven.

  1. Easy-glide, soft-close hinges

Our high-quality fitted kitchens have drawers and doors that close softly with the gentlest of pushes so, as well as being really easy to close, they also won’t trap your fingers.

  1. Level thresholds

The level of the floor inside and outside our apartments is the same, so there’s no step to trip on or fall over when entering or leaving your home.

  1. Help on its way at the touch of a button

Lynwood residents can wear a pendant that enables them to summon help at any time should they need it. Whether in their home or using any of the many facilities on offer within the village, the pendant can work out where you are so the care team can come and help you immediately.
Whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen, taking a shower or simply plugging something in, these clever design features will help make everyday a little easier and worry-free.

To find out more about what life at Lynwood Village will be like contact us at or call us on 01344 874250

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