As you come into Cedar Lodge, the heart of Lynwood Village where our superb facilities are located, just inside the main entrance you’ll find our dedicated 24-hour Concierge team.  Day and night they are there to provide assistance to residents and visitors, answering all sorts of questions, taking bookings and payments for classes, events and excursions, overseeing security and the general services of the village.  They are the first point of contact for people moving into the independent properties at Lynwood Village, playing a key role in the village’s smooth operation as well as a being a comforting and constant presence for residents.

We asked some of them to share their thoughts about life at Lynwood.


“The best thing about Lynwood is the people – the staff and the residents are so nice; it’s a very friendly community and everyone looks out for each other.  The front desk team gets to know everyone and I think residents like the fact that there’s always someone to say hello to them and pass the time of day. When people move here they are often making some significant lifestyle changes compared with their previous home, but with the great activity programme on offer and the warmth of the Lynwood residents and teams, it’s not long before they begin making  new friends and enjoying some of the activities and clubs on offer. That is what makes this village a great place to work in, and a pleasure to be part of and see.”


“If you ask residents what they would say to someone thinking about moving here, they’d say ‘just do it – and do it while you’re fit and well enough to cope with the move’. People really enjoy life here and they feel secure.  Being a concierge here is a really busy role but it’s rewarding because you play a part in  making life a little bit easier for them.  The general rule is, if in doubt ask the concierge – we’re the ones who know pretty much everything and  always help in any way if we can!”


“You definitely have to be a people person to be a concierge, we spend a lot of time chatting to residents even if they don’t need anything from us.  Talking to them is my favourite part of the job.  We’re also the eyes and ears of the village, we’re the first point of call if someone is ill or needs help and I think residents and their families are comforted by the fact that there is always someone here to call on.”

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