If you’d love to move but don’t know how you’d manage it, we can help!

Would you love an easier life in beautiful new home within a supportive community, but can’t imagine how you would manage the move? Does sorting through your possessions feel like an impossible task?  If so, you’re not alone!  Like many Lynwood Village owners who thought moving would simply be too difficult, you need the Homemover Specialist! 

Imagine you could fast-forward to the moment when it’s all done.  You’re relaxing in your new home with only the items you treasure.  All the clutter is gone.  Everything is unpacked and organised.  A fairy godmother seems to have clicked her fingers and done it all with you, making the whole process like a stress-free dream.  That’s what the Homemover Specialist and her team can do for you!  To help you move, we’re offering a free Gold Homemover package if you reserve a new-build Lynwood Village property before 31st March 2021.  

A grateful Lynwood owner hugs Homemover Specialist, Meirion Shaw, to celebrate a successful move!

Enjoy a stress-free move!

Starting with an in-home planning session in your existing home, you can discuss your priorities and your worries with the Homemover team.  They will create an inventory of your home contents that forms the masterplan for the move; by the end of the process every item will have a destination next to it, whether that’s your new sitting room, your grandchild’s home, the charity shop or the recycling centre.  The Homemover will help you to decide what to take with you and whether it will fit in your new home, even measuring your clothes storage space so you know exactly how much you’ll be able to accommodate.  Decluttering sessions are the next stage and you can choose how to use your five half day sessions, prioritising the areas with which you need most help.  The Homemover team will help appoint a removals company to pack and move everything, working with them to ensure the right boxes end up in the right place.  Finally, they will unpack everything into your new home, make the beds and even buy you dinner for your first night at Lynwood Village.      

On moving day, the Homemover team will make the beds in your new Lynwood Village home and provide a Cook! ready meal for dinner.

What Lynwood Village owners say about the Homemover Specialist

Sounds too good to be true?  Here’s what Lynwood owners who have worked with the Homemover Specialist have to say about the process:

“My husband and I were looking forward to moving into Lynwood Village but were dreading the actual process of packing and organising everything. The Sales team mentioned that Homemover had helped other residents and we decided that we would need that help.  This was the best decision we had made, we could not have managed the move without them.

“Meirion and Sarah were like old friends from the start and made arrangements with good humour and efficiency. Nothing was too much trouble.  We cannot stress enough how wonderful it was on the actual day of moving to Lynwood to find our flat furnished, beds made, cupboards and wardrobes filled, lovely flowers and a card to welcome us. It was already home and we were able to relax.  It didn’t stop there as in the following days and weeks we were helped with the necessary administration.  We would recommend anyone to take advantage of this service.”

Lynwood Village owner, Mulberry House

“This is a song of praise! Moving, especially downsizing, is a physical and emotional time. The Homemovers were with me throughout, advising on those difficult decisions, putting services in place and even unpacking after an eventful day so that I could feel relaxed in my new home.  It was like having my hand held every step of the way. The whole team were such a tremendous help.”                                          

Lynwood Village owner, Woodland View

“I cannot thank you enough for making my mother’s move run smoothly from start to finish! What was a daunting prospect of uprooting mum and her belongings was made stress free for the whole family! I was impressed by the professionalism demonstrated at all times, with a unique personal touch in ensuring the new property was homely and welcoming. Highly recommended!”

Daughter of Lynwood Village owner,  Mulberry House

“The Homemovers services were quite simply indispensable to me. My house-proud mother was living three hours from me, was on her own, in her late 70s and had become completely overwhelmed with the task of downsizing from a four-bedroom house containing many items of actual or sentimental value, to a two-bedroom flat. With a job, two primary age children and other family members even further away, we were not able to offer the time and support she needed. Meirion and her team bridged that gap for us. They took on the practicalities of the move, such as handling utilities and services, as well as helping mum chose what to take. And they did this with immense patience and humour. They tuned in so perfectly to what mattered to mum that they really were able to recreate the ‘heart’ of my mother’s former house within her new flat. But Meirion did more than this; she was an arm to lean on, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen. She went above and beyond in so many ways, large and small, and for this I cannot thank her enough. I would not hesitate to recommend her services.”

Daughter of Lynwood Village owner

“Two years after my father died, my three bothers and I persuaded our mother to move from her very large family home, where she had lived for 48 years.  We knew it was to be quite an operation to relocate her, and then sell the house emptied of possessions.  We googled for help and chanced upon The Homemover.  We met Meirion over a cup of tea and she immediately made the task seem less daunting. We worked very closely with her at every stage and she proved superbly organised and efficient.  The whole process went pretty smoothly, our mother enjoyed Meirion’s visits and remains in contact with her still.  With the help of The Homemover we really did make a molehill out of a mountain!”

Daughter of Lynwood Village owner

“I highly recommend The Homemover, Meirion Shaw.  She is an expert in her job and took over the complete management of our house move in all its aspects, whilst enabling us to stay in control. It was successful in every way.  She is a straightforward and extremely pleasant person to deal with. Helpful and knowledgeable, nothing was too much trouble.  She helped us plan what furniture, ornaments and pictures to take with us; sourced and purchased additional items needed for our new home and helped clear our previous home.”

Lynwood Village owner

Watch our interview withe Meirion, the Homemover Specialist here.

If you’d like to move with the Homemover’s help, reserve your new Lynwood Village home by 31st March 2021 and we’ll provide the Homemover Specialist Gold package for free.  For terms and conditions please click here. 

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