It has taken Ireland by storm and now Hop House 13, the new beer from Guinness, is available on draught at Prescott’s Brasserie and Bar, Lynwood Village. Hop House 13 is described as ‘a distinctive golden lager’ by its makers and is named after a St James’s Gate hop store building dating from the early 1900s that is still used by the brewer today. Widely available in Ireland, only a select few outlets currently offer it on tap in the UK so we’re delighted to add it to our extensive list of wines, spirits and bottled beers.

Hop House 13 is a double-hopped premium lager (5% ABV) made with Guinness Yeast, Irish barley and aromatic hops from the USA and Australia. It is the fourth release from The Brewers Project, joining Guinness Dublin Porter, Guinness West Indies Porter, and Guinness Golden Ale following a growing demand for ‘beers with more taste’. Hop House 13 is described as “full flavoured while still being crisp and hoppy (but not bitter) with a refreshing clean finish”.

The Brewers Project is a group of brewers, supported by Guinness, who are on a quest to explore new recipes, reinterpret old ones and collaborate freely to bring beers to life. Guinness has been brewing at St James’s Gate, Dublin for 256 years and plans to release more craft-style beers in the future.

So, if you’re not doing ‘dry January’ come and try Hop House 13 at Prescott’s Brasserie and Bar where it’s available at £4.25 a pint.

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