When people talk about moving somewhere to enjoy their later years, it’s often referred to as ‘downsizing’.  While moving to a smaller property may enable the release of equity, choosing the right place to live in retirement isn’t as simple as merely reducing square footage. Having fewer rooms and a smaller garden might lessen the maintenance workload, but it doesn’t address the issues of social isolation, support or what happens when circumstances change.

If you talk to the residents at Lynwood Village, the reason they chose a retirement village was to take care of all the ‘what if?’ questions.  With homes designed for over 65s, an on-site care team and plenty of leisure and social activities set within a vibrant, friendly community, they’ve got pretty much every eventuality covered.  The fact is, very few properties are designed with the needs of older people in mind but it helps to think things through, so you don’t end up having to move again.

Taking care of the ‘what if’s…

If a Lynwood resident becomes ill, they can have the immediate support of our Home Care team who are on site and available 24 hours a day.  If you’re hospitalised, we liaise with your family and your doctors about your care when you come home, so there’s no delay in being discharged because of insufficient support or unsuitable accommodation.  As well as getting you out of hospital quicker, living somewhere with built-in support reduces pressure on hospital bed spaces and means your family won’t have to worry about what happens when you get home. If you don’t want to cook while you convalesce, hot, nutritious meals are available from Prescott’s, our onsite restaurant. Our private minibus service runs regular trips to local shops, garden centres and places of interest so you don’t need to drive to get out and about.

If you or your partner has dementia or another long-term health condition, at Lynwood we can help you manage in your own apartment or cottage in the early stages, and the superb Lynwood Care Centre can provide specialist residential, respite and dementia care if that becomes necessary at a later stage.  You can access the care centre from the village via a glass-covered walkway, so if you live at Lynwood and your partner needs residential care, visiting is easy and you have the comfort of being close by.  Residents whose partners are in the care centre also benefit from the company and support the village community provides; they are only alone when they want to be.

Key points to consider

It might not seem relevant to you now but it’s worth thinking about accessibility, location of shops and services, the availability of care and support and opportunities for social interaction when you’re looking for somewhere to live during retirement.  Will you have friends and support close by?  Is it easy to get to the shops if you’re unable to drive? Are there good care providers you can call on if needed?  If you’re looking for a ‘forever’ home, it should meet your requirements now and in the future, and these complex, evolving needs aren’t always met simply by moving somewhere smaller.

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