Your first thoughts on hearing the words ‘personal trainer’ might be of muscle-bound gym addicts shouting at their clients to ‘give them ten more’ as they sweat into an exercise mat. While that might be the case in Hollywood movies, the reality is that, for over 65s, personal training is not about aiming for a triathlon but attaining a level of physical fitness that enables you to enjoy daily life.

Lynwood Village personal trainers specialise in functional fitness training for over 65s, because quality of life depends to a very large degree on your ability to carry out daily tasks, without pain, for as long as you want. This includes going for a walk, brushing your hair, tying your shoelaces, playing with grandchildren and even housework.

To be able to do all these things you need the ability to perform functional movements like walking, stair climbing and standing up. These movements are dependent on having sufficient physiologic reserve, which means strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. These are the areas Lynwood Village personal trainers focus on with their clients. It’s not about lifting heavy weights or running 20 miles, it’s about functional exercises that make a real, positive difference to every day life.

Slips, trips and falls are the leading causes of injury in over-65s. Exercise that improves muscle tone will improve balance, which reduces the risk of falling. One of the main aims of a personal training programme at Lynwood Village is to help reduce the risk of falls during daily activities.

A helping hand

If the thought of venturing into the gym scares you, you’re not alone. Most people feel intimidated when they see all the gym equipment, especially if they’ve never been inside a gym before but that’s what a trainer is there for; to guide you through each and every step, providing as much support as you need.

Your first session with your trainer will be to assess your physical condition, identify any areas of weakness, find out how good your balance is and what level you should be working at. Our personal trainer will then devise a programme tailored to your needs and set some goals so you can track your progress.

The sessions comprise cardiovascular exercise to warm up and improve cardiovascular fitness, which is important for heart and lungs. Yoga and Pilates moves help with flexibility and balance and exercises like lunges and squats are used to build strength and muscle tone.

After the first session, clients usually feel very energised and excited. Often it’s something they’ve been meaning to get round to for a while and now they’re working towards goals they may not have thought possible and have this whole new interest in their lives.

All you need to take part is a good pair of trainers, a bottle of water and a towel. Lycra is optional!

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