One of the main reasons people move to Lynwood Village is for easy company; to have people around to talk to. Loneliness and isolation
are extremely common among older people and can happen to anyone, even those with loving families and a wide circle of friends.
There are many reasons why social contact dwindles; the loss of a partner, a spell of ill health or families living far away can
all add up to spending too much time alone. One of the wonderful things about Lynwood Village is that there are people around to
talk to and you’ll always bump into someone in the coffee shop or the village store or on your way to the pool.

As well as these spontaneous meetings we organise a wide range of activities to help maintain physical fitness and mental self-worth.
Purposeful activity and social contact has an important role to play when it comes to wellbeing. Having somewhere to be and something to
do can have a transformative effect and we often see huge improvements in our residents’ mood and wellbeing when they move here.

A wide variety of things to do…

There are different activities scheduled throughout each day so residents always have a choice of things to do. Our aquatic therapy
classes, which take place in our hydrotherapy pool, are very popular and participants say they rapidly notice an improvement in their balance,
mobility and fitness. A leisurely swim in our beautiful pool (pictured) is another option. If you prefer to exercise on dry land then a session
in the fitness centre with our personal trainer, Lee Cooper, will help you set goals and learn how to use the equipment safely.

After all that exercise it might be time for an informal social gathering in the coffee shop, some of these are organised as discussion or
interest groups, others just happen when you bump into someone and end up staying for a chat. More cerebral pursuits include our clubs for
Beginners Bridge, Scrabble and Rummikub and there are regular evening film screenings. Residents can play snooker, carpet bowls, giant chess
and croquet any time but we also organise tournaments to introduce an element of friendly competition.

Places to go…

Our trips out to local supermarkets and shops are very popular, we visit Waitrose, M&S and Tesco’s every week and regularly visit local
garden centres. We are happy to organise shopping trips to other locations if residents tell us where they’d like to go. We’re fortunate to
have special permission to drive through Windsor Great Park, which makes a lovely day out and recently went to Coworth Park to watch the polo
and enjoy lunch, which was a fantastic and very luxurious day!

There’s absolutely no pressure to join in, it’s very much up to the individual to decide what they want to do but, because everything is
right on your doorstep, it’s easy to get involved. The village opened in May so we’re still building up the activities schedule and residents are
encouraged to share their suggestions for other activities they would like to do.

Things to see…

As well as our regular activities schedule and local trips, we have a busy programme of theatre trips, musical events and entertainment.
We recently hosted a brilliant evening with Leigh Caseling, a well-known singer / entertainer, which was a sell-out. We’ve booked tickets to
see Love Me Tender, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Annie and Sleeping Beauty so if you’re a theatre and musicals fan, we’ve got it covered! We take
our residents to and from the theatre so we can support anyone who needs help, which means people who may not have had the confidence to go alone
can enjoy an evening out safe in the knowledge that they are being looked after.

On the musical front we are looking forward to a visit from a rock choir, we had a wonderful summer barbecue on the croquet lawn with jazz
band Grandpa’s Spells, and The Tuesday Girls choir and a capella group Signature are also booked to give concerts.

The effect that all these activities and events has is to enable people to make friends, spend time with others and enjoy easy social
interaction with no need to travel or make special arrangements. From being at home alone our residents suddenly find they are out and about,
making new friends and going home at the end of the day to a safe place where help is always at hand.

If you would like to know more about life here at Lynwood Village we’d love to show you around. Call us on 01344 874250 or email

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