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Welcome to the Village Store

The Lynwood Village Store is the place to go to stock up on essentials and treats.  Fresh bread, milk, groceries and household supplies including tea and coffee are available along with treats such as chocolate, biscuits and cakes.  The shop, combined with our regular minibus trips to local supermarkets and superb food from our restaurant and coffee shop, means our residents have easy access to food and supplies.

To enquire about the Village Store, please contact us on 01344 873135 or Contact Us

If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the salon is the heart of the community. The Velvet Rooms at Lynwood Village offers high quality haircutting and styling for ladies and gentlemen of all ages.

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Luxury Health and Beauty

People often say Lynwood Village feels like a luxury hotel, so The Spa’s premium health and beauty treatments are a natural fit.

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A peaceful haven

With comfy armchairs, reading lamps and card tables, the library is a peaceful haven if you want to relax with a book or play a few hands with friends.

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Things to do, places to go

We provide a wide range of activities every day from casual social get-togethers to visiting choirs, bands and speakers, film clubs, discussion groups and more. So, if you like to keep busy, you'll be spoilt for choice.

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